About BSTsecurity

Founded in 2012, BSTsecurity is a Canadian-based security and surveillance company actively engaged in the development of surveillance solutions: intelligent cameras(Ai/Thermal/IP), VMS, and advanced video analytics.

Based on an advanced security platform for integrated solutions, BSTsecurity offers its clients and integrators many comparative advantages and value propositions serving local and international markets. 

With the continuous innovative addition of products, the company is continuously engaged in advanced technologies and focuses its resources on developing security solutions for Industrial, commercial, Institutional, and enterprise-level clients.

BSTsecurity is committed to building and shaping a safe security surveillance solution platform through the innovative development of high-quality products that exceed clients' specific and customized security needs in an ever-evolving industry.

Product Development & Design

One of the most important aspects of developing our product is our team’s ability to generate ideas and accurately define solutions for each project. BST’s focus is always providing technology, resources, and features that will help our clients gain more competitive advantage through our product development strategies:

The development process is an ever-evolving platform that helps our clients conquer new projects by introducing or implementing new features in existing series. Thus, BST is always capable of targeting all market segments by upgrading its products and processing more efficient solutions.

With expert engineers and a culture of commitment to excellence in craftsmanship and continuous improvement, BSTsecurity will partner with its clients to make sure that they have the tools to produce amazing results.


Thermal Imaging Technology

BSTsecurity dual Thermal Imaging IP Cameras are fast and accurate fire prevention solutions for energy management and power outage management These devices are capable of measuring the exact temperature of an object in a contactless environment which can be managed and monitored remotely. Traditional fire detection is based on fire alarm sensors which might cause false alarms while intelligent solutions based on a general image analysis can reduce false alarms influenced by site conditions.

A thermal imaging camera adopts temperature data-based fire detection as the process which minimizes the influence of field conditions such as illumination, humidity, and dust so that the false alarms are remarkably low.

Ai In Retail

BSTsecurity provides cameras paired with advanced AI applications and equipped with powerful SoCs, enabling faster, cheaper, more reliable, and GDPR-compliant data processing, generating new insights by running multiple AI-based apps on a single camera, or running multiple apps on different cameras, allowing the flexibility of adding new ones over time. 

The new trends in modern security cameras enable analyses to be performed directly on the devices based on strong computing power. It also decreases the installation costs through internet connection carried out at ever higher transmission rates and most importantly, it develops algorithms from AI and Machine Learning to form the basis of completely new applications. 

Smart Analytics In Healthcare

Smart Video Analytics from BSTsecurity’s Ai Edge series can improve operations in healthcare facilities: 

In fact, the hospital environment, in general, is burdened with complex inherent risks.  AI technology enables security cameras to analyze video data, distinguish dangerous from harmless situations, reduce false alarms,  and detect hazards early and reliably without having to constantly monitor video streams of surveillance cameras. 

It will significantly improve security, increase patient and employee confidence and reduce risk-related costs for insurance or even damage repair.



Every organization has its own approach to managing its assets with specific protection strategies, that’s why our solutions are tailored to the unique needs of each client. 

Surveillance Reshaped

By implementing advanced solutions, Businesses can have huge potential to drive both security efficiency and protection value. 


A mindset of continuous innovation ensures we are always looking for ways to improve and create new product series to meet with the highest security expectations. 

Automated Process

Increasing analyst efficiency processes will secure a quick safety response and add an entirely new level of smart awareness to your security perimeter.