Automated tracking over CCTV cameras is becoming essential in security surveillance.

The task is to detect and track individuals and/or objects within a designated open area where multiple cameras are set up, by implementing a robust multi-camera detection and tracking system to improve the functionality and safety in a premise, resulting in major cost savings and increased efficiency for the end user.

The BST-PEHD solution has enormous potential for a wide range of practical applications, ranging from industrial buildings and warehouses to government premises, hospitals, parking lots, and remote areas...

BST-PTZ 33X Solution

The PTZ series from BSTsecurity is a camera that is capable of remote directional and zoom control. It makes it possible by using video analytics to monitor large areas with a single device. The pan-tilt module allows a smart tour where a viewing area is remotely controlled by setting virtual monitoring points and the camera can periodically zoom in and out according to a set schedule. The optical zoom feature provides the capacity to focus on fine details like faces or license plates from a far distance.

The PTZ with its advanced features like video analytics, smart tour, low light, and capability of handling extreme weather conditions is considered one of the most important professional surveillance security cameras and plays a valuable role in many industries.