BSTsecurity Ai Edge series enabled by the Azena platform is the new generation of technological advancements in security surveillance that aims to improve operational efficiency, business insights, and environmental performance in multiple industries and sectors. Produced with high-quality and robust hardware, the Ai Edge can be oriented toward various applications.

Azena is an award-winning German startup with locations in Munich, Eindhoven, and Pittsburgh funded by the Robert Bosch Group with the goal of being the leading open platform and marketplace for smart security and safety solutions. The platform is based on a camera operating system that powers cameras from various leading manufacturers in the market. It connects to an Application Store where renowned video analytics development companies offer cutting-edge apps to help your client not only increase their security but also their bottom line. Retailers for example can increase their conversion rate by 5 to 30 percent by using AI video analytics to make them more efficient in managing their business and operations.

BSTsecurity intelligent cameras are developed in a scalable customizable concept, where these cameras turn into a device that is upgraded and repurposed with applications that serve you better. It is your future security and business investment.