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Our aim is to empower you in meeting your customers' service expectations while simultaneously enhancing cost-efficiency and business flexibility through the modernization of surveillance infrastructures and applications. Our goal is to offer solutions that mitigate risks by deploying advanced loss prevention systems that seamlessly integrate CCTV, access control, security communications, and various alarm devices into a unified, user-friendly platform.

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As the demand for innovative security solutions continues to rise, BSTsecurity offers a technological approach to effectively address and implement security solutions within an evolving landscape. This approach enables your clients to delve into emerging technologies and industry trends, fostering standardized access interactions and facilitating automated workflows. Consequently, managing your clients' security profiles becomes more efficient and effective.

An Innovative Form of 


Leveraging BSTsecurity surveillance for process automation opens up a abundance of opportunities. Through customized solutions that meticulously analyze project requirements, we maximize security and safety control. The advantage of this approach lies in delivering tailored implementations that ensure compliance with regulations in any country, thus providing your clients with optimal protection.


Based on infrastructure technologies, emerging technologies, and the internet of things, BSTsecurity can create and customize a safe and secure platform where your business can thrive indefinitely. 


As the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and other trends proliferate, the enterprise client is increasingly demanding ways to do more with their data, including their access control and other security systems.

There is a lot of data captured by a Video Surveillance system that, when correlated with other information can tell a lot about risk, utilization, and efficiency. Ideal for analyzing areas such as insider threats, geolocation risk analysis and more.


Understanding the importance of having one unified system to manage Security, BST works with the client to find the best fit for its organization. This has been achieved in the past with (often complex) integrations.

But increasingly the industry is coming up with standards, protocols and unified offerings to make things easier.

BST allows enterprise customers to be more streamlined and leverage third-party systems they already have an investment in.


With enterprise-level CCTV and access control systems performing more and more, the issue of ongoing operations and maintenance is becoming critical.

Customers are beginning to look at cloud computing environments and wireless technologies as a service to help with these challenges. 

Leveraging the cloud to host CCTV and access control solutions while deploying devices at the site eliminates the need to deploy and maintain on-premises software.